Welcome to #ThisIsGRIT! We are a social media campaign dedicated to the most important factor of success in education and in life!

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What is Grit?

GRIT: [noun] - 1. persistence and perseverance in the face of adversity.

2. The most critical thing in predicting educational and professional success.

#ThisIsGRIT is a video campaign showcasing stories of people just like yourselves, who have faced hurdles, challenges and hardships in pursuing their collegiate, professional or development education. They come from widely diverse backgrounds, their ambitions lie in different directions, but they all share something in common: they leveraged GRIT to press through their hard times and onward to success.
  • Our research suggests that grit, the combination of perseverance and passion sustained over the long-term, is a signature strength of individuals who are able to do all of the above. We support the #ThisisGRIT project and are eager to collaborate in collecting and sharing stories that show how much struggle is involved in success.
    —Angela Lee Duckworth, MacArthur Genius Fellow, TED Speaker, Assistant Prof. of Psychology at UPenn
  • Research shows that when students understand that they can develop their own intelligence and abilities they become interested in learning, they adopt a positive view of effort, and they persevere in the face of setbacks, all of which leads to higher levels of success. We support the #ThisIsGRIT experiment to use story-telling to influence key beliefs and develop grit, and we look forward to collaborating with them in that endeavor.
    —Eduardo Briceño, CEO and CoFounder with Prof. Carol Dweck of MindSet Works
  • No matter the person, no matter the task, no matter the goal, sustained effort and dedication are essential ingredients of success. Tenacity and perseverance in the face of obstacles are of utmost importance in achieving excellence in the long run. Students who recognize this are able to see initial failure for what it is: not a sign they should quit, but the first step on the road to accomplishing their goals. We wholeheartedly support the #ThisIsGRIT project, as it sends a powerful and profoundly encouraging message to students everywhere.
    -Dr. Sarah-Jane Leslie, Professor of Philosophy, Princeton University


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Step 1: watch some sample videos

Step 2: decide what you want to say

Here’s a sample script:

My name is [name]. In [year] I [experience hardship that is education related]. I [extended description of hardship].

Instead of [doing something passive and despairing], I decided to work harder at [overcoming the hardship] by [activity]. I am now [current status]. This is Grit!

Step 3: Share your story with us

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